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InfluencerZero connects Influencer with Brand & Retailers to share affiliate links
We help top tier influencer to monetize their posts with affiliate links

Why affiliate

What is affiliate

Links of posted products in social media & blogs lead to a website where customers can purchase the seen product. The posts do have an direct impact of the interest & purchase intent of customers.

This makes INFLUENCER a powerful tool for BRANDS & RETAILERS to sell their products

Why should I use it

So far most INFLUENCER get paid for a photo of themself and a product of a BRAND. But once a product is associated with an INFLUENCER it creates special interest by potential customers to purchase the product.

BRANDS & RETAILERS can leverage their revenues with INFLUENCER affiliate links while INFLUENCER can participate in the caused revenue.

InfluencerZero supports the following platforms

How we help you

top tier influencer


premium brands & retailers


Get in touch

INFLUENCER & BRANDS connect on the platform

Create links

We provide you with personal links branded on your account

Track sales

We track sales, leads or any desired action.

Earn money

We provide you with a report to autonomously request payment

What makes InfluencerZero special

InfluencerZero had been built for your needs

Branded links

INFLUENCER are Brands as well and benefit BRANDS & RETAILERS trust and reputation.

We make INFLUENCER & BRANDS visible and don ́t hide them behind alphabetic- numerical short links.

Direct communication

Get in touch with your business partner directly. You can call, message and email what every you feel comfortable with.

Your brand should be on your dispose and not on ours.


See with which business partner your making the most revenue, in real time.

Execute payments and control your payments. What you earned is what you get.